Ryan Jenkins

"Knowledge is power! Share yours and watch people succeed, the joy you will feel is priceless"

iD Company

After a successful dance career working with the world’s leading tutors and choreographers, Ryan became a renowned and sought-after teacher, working at the world’s leading dance training establishments.

Due to his extensive experience and knowledge in the performance industry and his love for helping people, Ryan wanted to help the dancers of tomorrow succeed by sharing the knowledge and expertise he learned throughout his career.

This led to a 2 year journey to create a teacher training program, which has transformed dance education. The company created was iD-Company, which has amassed over 150 trained members since it’s launch one year ago.

iD is a contemporary dance examination board, which offers a syllabus for teachers to train their students not only in dance, but also in developing life skills, grooming, conversational skills, presentation and creativity - all the skills a dancer should have in life to succeed.

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